Linda Is Pied and Slimed in Her Business Outfit
Starring the following model:
"No business as usual"

Linda is back with a fantastic new set. This time the gorgeous brunette is getting messy in a perfect business attire. I guess many remember her Ally McBeal-like famous Slime bath from a while ago which till today is one of my all time bestsellers. Linda loves endulging in all kinds of goo, especially when she's dressed up perfectly. This time was no different.

I know pie fans are picky when it comes to how a woman is hit. I have to be honest I usually have a plan, when I start a shoot. This time I had planned to pie Linda straight in the face with the first pie. However in that moment when I was holding the pie in my hand and looking at Linda, my gut told me to make it a pie-hat, so the first pie hits her from the top. I know some purists won't like it, however I think more than 90% of first pie hits are frontal, so I hope you don't mind too much that I opted for a different opening .

Let me know in the comments/reviews below if you think this was a good decision.

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