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"Good video"
Good video, very pretty lady, but she stays under the shower way to long and plays with that water picture way to much. She wasted too much time out of the pool. Harleywolf, 12/24/17
"Great Video"
Real nice video enjoyed her walking in an walking out an diving in the water an dunking herself many times. Harleywolf, 12/24/17
"Very nice video"
Very nice video. Enjoyed it very much. Very nice shots in the pool nice shots emerging herself. Wish she would have dived into the pool some. Harleywolf, 12/24/17
"Sloppy slapstick long hair fun!"
Superb, i loved it, i like the deep pie tins and the sloppy mix especially when slopped on top of a beautiful head of long silky hair, both girls are lovely and take the mess really well. i loved the sloppy chocolate pie that Manu slapped into Brenda's face and then smeared up over her head.

Please do more ladies, perhaps a cafe /restaurant scene with more smart dress and gorgeous long hair and loads of sloppy slapstick pies.

Thanks, awesome vid. atriflemessy, 4/20/17
"This video is awesome!"
This video is awesome!

Although the focus in Wam Photography tends to be, as you'd expect, on the photography, the way the women it this scene are enjoying themselves really shines through. The blonde one especially just keeps up the sexy teasing looks all the way through, seems to love messing up the other one and has just the right mix of trepidation when she gets whats coming to her afterwards! Messyheathen, 12/11/15
"Amazing video of gorgeous Bea getting pied and slimed"
I absolutely LOVE this scene, everything about it is perfect, absolutely everything, Bea is stunningly gorgeous, has the most beautiful soft hair, a perfect smile, she gets pied and slimed, it's perfect. I'd recommend this to WAM fans everytime. Just stunning. Bit of a shame there is no photoset, woudl have been awesome to have a few before/during and after shots of Bea HCW7, 2/24/15
"Altogether it's a very eciting scene!"
Passion fruit is a very attractive girl. She has wonderful hair and it looks really hot as her hair and body is slowly getting wet an slimy. The quality of the pictures is quite good. The scene is a must-see for messy hair lovers. As one of them I would have liked to see even more details of her hair slowly getting soaked, also from behind! longhair, 11/2/12
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